Rocky, Cheesesteaks, and a Penitentiary

What do you do when you and your friend need a quick getaway and find a random roundtrip to anywhere for $80?

You buy it.

So off to historic Philadelphia we were.  In January.  Immediately after one of their biggest snowstorms.

True to form, my friend Missy and I started researching things to do, places to eat, and things to see.  Take a look at just a few highlights from our 48 hours in the City of Brotherly Love:


Steve’s Prince of Steaks – Now, everyone and their brother (ha, see what I did there?) will recommend their fave cheesesteak spot.  This is mine.  Ooey, gooey, Cheeze-Whiz and onions on top of tender, thin-sliced steak.  One was enough for both of us to split–just a heads up!

12647384_10105875031741191_8352170771938860325_nShane Confectionery – The cutest little candy store you’ll ever see, located right next to the iconic Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Shoppe.  Both are more than 100 years old and still resemble an old-school candy shop and soda fountain.  Pick up some delish truffles from Shane, then stop next door and have a bowl of Wherly Berly–you will not regret this one!

Talula’s Garden – What a gem!  This upscale yet trendy spot has something for everyone and that something is a delicious meal.  From the amazing New England cod, to the fried oysters, everything we tasted offered something unique and fresh.  Bonus–they serve croissant-type bread rolls filled with garlic butter….whoa.

Things To Do

12669499_10105875055323931_3781146890227486078_nEastern State Penitentiary – What?  Go to JAIL voluntarily?  Yes.  Just do it.  Eastern State is an interesting slice of history with a phenomenal tour that includes information on infamous prisoners (who knew Al Capone wasn’t just a notorious Chicagoan?!), historic escapes, and more.  The tour guides at Eastern State are extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what they do.  Tickets are under $15 per adult and you walk away with a wealth of information and a great story to tell.

Pizza Brain – If I told you to go a pizza museum, you’d have two questions: There’s a pizza museum? and WHERE IS IT?  It’s in Philly and it’s awesome.  All things pizza, all in one place–vintage pizza toys, signage, movie paraphernalia, and of course, tasty pizza pies.  This is an off-the-beaten-path activity that should not be missed!

12644825_10105875034944771_2319326322643048749_nThe Rocky Steps – Yes, it’s touristy, and yes you’ll find dozens of people replicating famous scenes from the movie.  But hey, when in Rome, right?  Climb up the steps of the beautiful Philadelphia Museum of Art and reenact Sylvester Stallone’s iconic training scenes.  It’s fun, a good non-workout-workout, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself.

Historic Stuff – Philadelphia is home to several historic events and landmarks.  The best part is that most of them are within just a few blocks of one another!  While you’re visiting Philly, take a moment to stop by the following:

  • Liberty Bell
  • Betsy Ross’ House
  • Ben Franklin’s Grave
  • Independence Hall
  • City Hall

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