Chicago: The Best Burgers

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good burger.  Like any good Chicagoan, I keep a list of my favorites, ready to share with whomever asks.  Check out my Top 5:

Au Cheval

Bx0nO5vCIAAJ93eContinually on every single Top Burger in America (or some iteration of that), this burger is hands down the best in Chicago.  The simplistic build of it (two thin patties, cheese, and a perfectly buttered bun) creates a balance that is second to none.  There is typically a long wait, and trust me, as a girl who refuses to wait for for anything, this burger is worth every minute!

Blue Frog’s Local 22

localAhhh my beloved Maxwell Street burger.  Blue Frog’s Local 22 has one of the most diverse burger menus I’ve ever seen–creative toppings, delicious ground beef seasoning, and a bun like I’ve never tasted.  My favorite, the Maxwell Street, has a Polish sausage stuffed (!!!) patty, and is topped with Gruyere, grilled peppers, onions, and sport pepper dijon aioli.  Juicy, flavorful, and cohesive.  You’ll thank me later.


Head out west to check out Lockdown Bar & Grill, a fantastic joint with a heavy metal theme and the most unusual burger combos ever.  The burger list is crime-themed (names include Cruelty to Animals, Conjugal Visit, and Public Disturbance) and each has their own unique recipe.  My fave?  The Punk Bitch–I am what I eat I suppose (ha!)  A juicy patty topped with Swiss cheese, prosciutto, and garlic mustard aioli, the combination of salty, mild, and spicy flavors is a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece.

Oak + Char

Sigh…I have dreams about this burger.  The Prime Double Cheeseburger is heaven sent.  Think about it: two patties, beef fat onion rings, bourbon barrel pickles, C+D sauce, with a side of amazing house potato chips.  The best part?  It’s offered as part of their Happy Hour each day for $8.


20160129_203122In the River North area?  Do NOT miss out on the Ground Bacon Burger, a smorgasbord of Vermillion blue, shoestring potatoes, and special sauce, topped with a whole pickle!  The incredible, seasoned patty in this burger and its toppings is perfect for anyone who loves fresh, farm-to-table ingredients, and a hearty, comforting meal.  Plus, I mean…bacon.

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