You Can’t Spell Colorado Without RAD

I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite past times is taking weekend jaunts to cities I’ve never been.  A trip to Denver with Katie was no different!  We packed a lot of adventures into only a couple of days, and man–that city offers a lot.  Check out some notable hot spots and activities:


FB_IMG_1460650790328.jpgBeast and Bottle

We left Chicago wayyyy early in the a.m. so upon landing, brunch was in order!  Beast and Bottle rocked our socks.  Cute ambience, DELICIOUS and creative menu items, and excellent service make Beast and Bottle a winner.  Try the Chicken-Hatch Chile Sausage and spicy Bloody Mary!

Harman’s Eat and Drink

FB_IMG_1460650814476Trendy and inventive–Harman’s Eat and Drink is all that and more.  This spot has cool multi-level seating, an upbeat vibe, and a huge variety of shareable menu options.  Katie and I ordered a bunch of dishes (of course) and devoured it all; get the truffle fries and the mini short rib tacos.  Seriously.



Quite possibly the most ecclectic restaurant I’ve ever visited, Acorn is located in an off-the-beaten path, industrial space and offers some of the most interesting dishes ever.  Bring a group and share some of their tapas-style plates, such as the potato gnocci, five spice pork belly, and the tomato braised meatballs.  SO. GOOD.

Things to Do

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Denver has a surprisingly awesome comedy scene, and for two gals from the home of Second City, we were all about checking it out.  Voodoo Comedy Playhouse was a great way to kick off our trip, with several hilarious stand-up comedians and a fun, divey atmosphere.  Definitely add this to your Denver to-do list.

Denver Microbrew Tour

You’re in Denver.  It’s a given you HAVE to check out the many breweries this city offers.  Katie and I toured with Denver Microbrew Tours, a walking tour with a LOT of beer to be had.  Our awesome tour guide (and fellow Sun Devil alum!) Paul shared a ton of info and history about some of Denver’s most popular breweries, including Wynkoop Brewing Company and Breckenridge Brewing.  Make sure to take this tour–you won’t regret it!

 Grayline Bus Tour


See the beauty that is Colorado on a daylong bus tour with Grayline to the Red Rocks Amphitheater, Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite (there’s a FABULOUS bison burger joint here), and the Continental Divide.  You will not regret exploring the Denver outskirts and gain a little knowledge from the amazing tour guides.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m just gonna leave these here…

Pro Tip: When visiting Denver, keep in mind that they don’t call it the Mile-High City for nothin’.  Drink a ton of water while there to avoid altitude sickness.





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