Chicago: I Swear…Running IS Fun. Really.

This is Chicago and it’s a well-known fact that we only get about five months of good weather per year.  Grab your group and sign up for one of the many races the city has to offer; you don’t have to be a fitness guru to get started.  From 5Ks to marathons, get out in the beautiful summer weather and hit the Lake Shore Trail on foot with one of these fun runs:

Get Lucky (7K, 14K, 21K)

12832543_10106008807488521_8999497418803074422_nIn celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the Get Lucky offers a variety of distances for all running levels, as well as a very well-organized event.  The course runs by Soldier Field (you’ll notice a trend of this particular route) and has a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline.  Don’t forget to stop at the vendor tents before and after the run–lots of snacks and freebies to be had!

11217966_10105006871206861_9026526170913906450_nCinco de Miler (5 Miles)

Churros and beer at the end of a 5 mile run?  YOU BETCHA!  This is a fantastic run, again starting near Soldier Field and ending with a great post-race party.  Check out some awesome vendors, stock up on some freebies, and eat and drink til your heart’s content.  Bonus–the sombrero-shaped medal doubles as a bottle opener!

Chicago Rock n Roll Series (5K, 10K, Half Marathon)


Rock out with yer…socks out during Chicago’s most musical race in the heart of the summer.  Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned runner, the Rock n Roll Series is a great way to hear some fantastic local bands every mile or so, see the beautiful city sights, and celebrate with a post-race concert!

Super Bears Shuffle (5K)


Celebrate a new NFL season and take part in the Super Bears Shuffle 5K race in September!  This is one of the best races I’ve had the opportunity to run for the following reasons: an amazing Bears-centric hype video prior to the race, Chicago’s own Wayne Messmer singing the National Anthem, wonderful swag (check out those sweat bands!), and interactive obstacles and photo ops throughout the course (if you choose to stop and check them out).  Don’t miss this fun run and come away with a sweet Bears medal!

Hot Chocolate (5K, 15K)

It’s Chicago’s sweetest race and trust me, it’s a good one.  Take part in either the 5k or 15k and see the beautiful South Loop area in early November, and head over to the post-race event where you’ll receive the ultimate swag: chocolate fondue, cookies, hot cocoa and other amazing snacks.  Don’t miss this one!


FB_IMG_1460469844382A Chicago fun run list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Color Run!  While this is definitely an exciting race experience, it isn’t my favorite for a couple reasons.  First, it’s open to all ages, which means that small kids will be running alongside adults–and small kids don’t watch where they’re going.  Secondly, it isn’t really a full 5k, so if you’re using this run to train for a longer race, this probably isn’t the best one to run.  That being said, the Color Run is truly the “Happiest 5k” and you’ll love the colorful race course and fun post-race event!


One thought on “Chicago: I Swear…Running IS Fun. Really.

  1. Kate Newman says:

    I like how you state the Color Run not being a full 5K as a drawback…all I hear is (What!! It’s less than a 5K…maybe I could actually make it through that one). But then I decided nope…it’d need to be a 0.5K…then maybe I’m in 🙂


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