Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me

20160512_124117.jpgOK so there weren’t actually any random peaches rolling around, but I’ll be damned if we didn’t see a thousand streets in Atlanta called Peachtree (Street, Lane, Avenue…)!  Missy and I woke up really really really early one day and gallivanted our way to the south for a couple days to another new city we’d never been.  Heading to Atlanta?  Here are a few highlights and tips from two gals who know how to see everything in a short time frame:



South City Kitchen

We happened upon South City Kitchen on TripAdvisor, and this cute little homey-style restaurant did not disappoint!  Try the fried chicken (obviously a Southern staple) and don’t miss the fried green tomatoes and the fabulous baked oysters–YUM!  Request patio seating if you can as well.

20160501_112841.jpgKing + Duke

If you’re looking for a brunch, look no further than King + Duke.  This place brunches like no other.  The amazing atmosphere, adorable patio, and fantastic food all work together to make for an unforgettable dining experience.  Make sure to order the biscuits and gravy, deviled eggs, and definitely give the salmon cakes (a take on an eggs benny) a whirl.


20160430_160111.jpgAntico Pizzeria

Two pizza-loving Chicago girls go to Atlanta, home of Southern cooking, and get….pizza.  Do. Not. Miss. Out.  Antico is FANTASTIC!  The hole-in-the-wall facade might deter you a bit, but rest assured–your taste buds will thank you.  Wood fired in traditional Italian (like, brought FROM Italy) ovens, these pizzas are like nothing I’ve ever tasted.  The photo at the right is indicative of how fast our slices went–it was that good.


Things to Do


World of Coca-Cola

A museum of Coca-Cola had the capability of being cheesier than a road trip to Wisconsin.  We figured it’d be sorta childish, maybe a little interesting, but we were so wrong–the World of Coca-Cola was AMAZING!  From interesting historical tidbits, to a ton of hands-on exhibits, Missy and I were entertained from start to finish.  You’ll start your trip with an intro from a Coca-Cola employee, followed by a tear-jerking short video (see photo above…seriously…real tears), and then you’re left to your own devices to see the American Idol couch, visit with a polar bear, and the best part–the TASTING ROOM!

College Football Hall of Fame

20160501_161012.jpgFor two college football junkies (go Sun Devils!) it was a no-brainer to go check out the College Football Hall of Fame, located right next to the World of Coca-Cola.  This place was undoubtedly our favorite activity of the day!  If you’re looking for the most interactive fan experience, GO HERE.  From the very start, your experience will be customized based on your favorite team, and throughout the self-guided tour, each exhibit will be perfectly relatable.  Missy and I spent time doing some Fight Song Karaoke, checking out Pat Tillman in the Inductees Hall, and trying out hand at announcing.  And of course, I just had to see if I could kick a field goal…


Atlanta is home to several breweries, so it was inevitable that we stopped at one.  We met up with an old friend from Streator (!) and his roommates and enjoyed a couple hours at one of the coolest breweries I’ve been able to see (shout out to Ryan, Mickey and Nick!).  Sweetwater offers six amazing craft beer tastings and a souvenir glass for just $10 per person–it’s a deal you can’t beat.  Enjoy your beer on their beautiful patio, complete with live music!

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