Czech It Out: Tips for Travel to Prague

This past fall, I was lucky enough to spend two nights in beautiful Prague and I’m fairly certain that city changed my life forever.  Planning a trip to Europe?  Absolutely positively take at least a day trip to Prague…you will not regret the experience.  I was flying solo on this part of my Eurotrip, but was lucky enough to meet a bachelor party from Ireland and a couple of fellow Americans to hang out with while there.  Take a look at some must-dos for touring this city:

See Pretty Things!

Old Town Square

Quite honestly, you can’t and won’t miss Old Town Square–you literally have to walk through it to get to many places within Prague.  But stop and really take in the beautiful sights it offers: the Astronomical Clock, Jan Hus Memorial, the Church of St. Nicholas, and so much more.  You’ll see quite a few street performers as well–and don’t forget to grab some gelato while you’re meandering.  Oh–and make sure to check out Old Town Square at night.  It’s an absolutely breathtaking experience.


Charles Bridge

12045690_10105535527525361_4264557232014281462_o10389711_10105535527235941_9116179305628060151_nIf you’re looking for complete and utter beauty, walk across the Charles Bridge. You’ll see central Prague from a whole new vantage point, and trust me, the photo ops are incredible. In addition to the gorgeous views, you’ll get to check out some fantastic artwork by local artists who set up shop along the bridge.


12047049_10105535525689041_8780767448885821526_nLennon Wall

A not-so-hidden hidden gem located across the Charles Bridge is the infamous John Lennon Wall. Yes, an entire wall dedicated to the famous Beatle. It’s a bit of a trek and a little hard to find, but once you’re there, you’ll get hit with all the feels.  Everyday a musician stands in front of the wall playing Lennon hits such as “Imagine” and “Here Comes the Sun.”  As someone who’s super into abstract art and graffiti, I LOVED the eclectic vibe and thoughtful words that appeared on the wall–but later found out that the wall gets painted over by graffiti artists nightly! Two of my new friends visited the wall less than 24 hours after I did, and it looked drastically different. Pretty cool, huh?


Eat Everything!

Terasa U Zlate Studne

The food.  The view.  The experience.  Make sure the Terasa U Zlate Studne is on your dining list when you visit Prague.  The rooftop restaurant overlooks the beautiful city, and offers a phenomenal menu with meats, fish, veggies, and more.  I had the duck with bacon–there are no words for how wonderful my meal was.  I’m pretty sure I cried while eating it.

11218920_10105535527959491_460484618154500976_nJames Dean

I’ll be honest.  By the time I made it to Prague (after visiting three other countries) I wanted nothing more than a BURGER.  Luckily for me, I found James Dean, an adorable 50s style diner and bar, specializing in burgers right on Dlouha!  Belly up to the bar, order a Porsche 550 Spyder (Beefeater 24, Agavero Liqueur, lime syrup, fresh mint, fresh ginger, ginger ale–YUM!!) and tuck into a delicious Mozzarella Burger.  It’s everything you hoped it’d be and more, with a side of old-timey charm.

Drink Up!


If you, too, are lucky enough to meet an Irish bachelor party, make sure to go back to your hotel at a decent hour before your 6am flight to Finland.  I highly recommend this based on experience.

Or don’t.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.



12141728_10105535528014381_2101404980119967423_nGrand Bohemian Beer Tasting

The Czech Republic is known for it’s high-quality beer and of course, the Budweiser original recipe (seriously, Budvar is delicious there!)  Make sure to book a tasting with Grand Bohemian Beer Tasting, located conveniently in the central part of Prague.  Now, it looks like the tasting format has changed slightly since I went (mine was a self-guided tour), but it looks like now you’ll be able to check out the amazing museum and history of brewing in Prague with some super knowledgeable staff members.

Harley’s Bar

By and large, my absolute favorite bar in Prague was Harley’s.  This eclectic and divey hotspot is located on Prague’s lively Dlouha in Praha 1 (a stretch of bars fitting for any nightlife experience).  Harley’s is a local hangout, home to flaming cocktails, blacklights, nostalgic 90s tunes, and cheap beer ($2USD for a beer?  Yes please!)

The Dubliner Pub

Looking for a more chill atmosphere?  Look no further than the Dubliner Pub, just steps away from beautiful Old Town Square.  Head here to check out a rugby match, grab a Budvar, and socialize with your group.  For me, The Dubliner will forever be the first place that I drank my first Absinthe–cheers to Francisco for showing me the ropes and preparing it for me!


If you’re looking for a wild night out, head straight to Coyotes.  It’s like Coyote Ugly, except…oh who am I kidding, it’s exactly like Coyote Ugly.  Dance the night away, drink some beers, and have the time of your life.

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