TIMEOUT! Saved By The Max is awesome

wp-1466616324034.jpgHey Preppies!  Yeah, you…the 90s kid.  Get in your time machine and relive the days when Saved by the Bell aired brand new episodes and you had a crush on AC Slater and his mullet.

Don’t have a time machine?  Then head over to Wicker Park with your Friends Forever and experience a total throwback wp-1466603404733.jpgwhen you walk into the newest popup sensation, Saved by the Max.  You will be overcome with nostalgia, excitement, and hit right in the feels all at once.

So put your mind to it, go for it…you’re gonna break a sweat with the uber filling treats on the menu, the on-point ambience, and the crazy energy Saved by the Max offers.  Check out some highlights:

The Authenticity

I saw teasers on Instagram and Twitter about the cool decor but I didn’t think Saved by the Max would be EXACTLY as The Max appeared on TV!  Wow…we were impressed.  You’ll feel as though you’ve just become Zack Morris the second you step inside–from the Bayside lockers, to the jukebox that only has A12 (it’s sacred!!), to the KKTY DJ booth, Saved by the Max is everything you hope it’d be and more.  My only regret is that I didn’t try to perform The Sprain on those steps leading up to the door…


The Food

Of COURSE the food was Bayside-themed…the super creative menu with apps, sides, entrees, and desserts included a plethora of fantastically named dishes.  The Preppy BLT.  The AC Sliders.  The Snack Attack.  And of course…the Kelly Kapowski.  If you’ve gotten tickets in advance, you get an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert, as well as a soft drink (tax and tip included with the cost of your ticket!)  I loved the Poutine Engel (poutine…need I say more?), Tori’s Fried Chicken (a delish take on chicken and waffles) and the Snow White and the Seven Dorks (5 spice wings with a yogurt sauce….nomz).  Sorry for the weirdly lit and kind of out-of-focus photos…I was in a hurry to start eating…I mean look at that glorious food…did we ever have a chance?

I was SO EXCITED to start eating…like, really really excited…as our dishes arrived, I was taking a photo with none other than Zack Morris phones, and we were all blessed with this reaction shot at the sight of food…


The Bottom Line

So when you wake up in the mornin’, and the alarm gives out a warnin’…run, don’t walk to Saved by the Max.  Make my day and let me know how you liked it!



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