That Time I Drank a Moscow Mule IN Russia



Fact: Moscow Mules in Russia aren’t served in copper mugs


“Um…WHY did you go to Russia?”

The short answer–it was an uber-cheap round trip flight from Chicago to St. Petersburg (around $500).  The long answer–it was an uber-cheap round trip flight from Chicago to St. Petersburg and one of the coolest cities I’ve ever seen and I’d do it again in a heartbeat and I loved it (catches breath).

So, yes, it is extremely affordable (relatively speaking) to fly to Russia and well worth it in my opinion.  However, be advised that you MUST get a visa in order to get through customs, making the trip not as cheap.  Again, well worth it.

Take a look at my tips for traveling to Russia–I swear it’s not as scary as the stereotypes might project!

Take a Tour

We booked our customized tour through Best Guides in St. Petersburg and loved the flexibility it gave us to really see everything we hoped to see around the city.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please enjoy the photos of each of these gorgeous sites:

Church of the Spilled Blood

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Catherine Palace


Drink the Vodka

If you’re anywhere in Russia, you MUST drink vodka (when in Rome, right?)  For just a few rubles, you can have a fantastic vodka tasting at the Museum of Russian Vodka, complete with traditional bar snacks.


Take a Dinner Cruise

See St. Petersburg in a whole new way on a nighttime dinner cruise with Volga Volga.  Enjoy fantastic Russian cuisine (ALL. THE. SEAFOOD.) and beautiful live music.  Make sure to head up to the top deck for gorgeous views of the Neva River too!


Walk Around Town Like a Local

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love a great local beer, and wandering around the downtown area of wherever I may be.  St. Petersburg offered exactly that–a local brewery in the heart of the cutest downtown!  Huge thanks to the sweet guy who translated the entire menu for me so that I could order a beer…

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