Breaking Belgium

What do you do when you’ve got a spare 24 hours during your European getaway?

That’s easy – head to Brussels!17862717_10107757083424531_5100464598607681695_n

Accessible by nearly any train in central Europe, Brussels is a haven for gorgeous architecture, incredible food, and some of the nicest folks you’ll encounter on your travels.

Oh, and a statue of a little boy peeing….

Now, I KNOW there is so much more to Brussels (and Belgium in general) so this is sort of a limited list – but chock-full of ideas if you’ve got a layover or just have an extra day to kill before your next adventure. Check out my must-dos for 24 hours in Brussels:

Hang Out in the Gorgeous Grand Place

So many European cities have a ‘town square’ and Brussels is no different – except that theirs is comprised of some of the most opulent buildings and fascinating history you could imagine. Check out the Brussels Town Hall and the stunning Houses of Grand Place – your Instagram feed will thank you.


When you think of Belgium, waffles probably pop into your mind – and yeah, those SHOULD definitely be among the things you try! Topped with sweets, fruit, and drizzles galore, waffles can be found nearly anywhere and taste better than any I’ve ever had in the states.

But wait – before you fill up on waffles, make sure to try the frites and allllll the sauces at Fritland (ketchup is for those basic folks) and also the fried meatballs at Balls & Glory Bourse.

You Are What You Drink

Of course, no trip to Belgium is complete without a pint of their namesake – a crisp Belgian beer! Delirium, with their adorable elephant glasses that we see in the US, is where it’s at. Head over to their brewery and taproom to find your favorite in their vast beer selection, hang out with locals and fellow travelers alike, and take a break from the busy outdoors – but don’t forget to obey the rules!

The Things You’ll Remember From History Books…


You might remember seeing a photo or two of Manneken Pis, the fountain that is literally a little boy taking a ‘pis’. He’s everywhere in the main streets of Brussels, and kind of hilarious to see. He’s been around since the 17th century though, so that’s pretty cool.

17759808_10107757083893591_2506079728482619163_nBrussels is super walkable and you will no doubt run into some gorgeous monuments and architecture. We happened upon Monument A la Gloire de l’Infanterie Belge, a memorial to the soldiers who fought in World War I and World War II.

Want to see everything all at once? Hit up the Elevator to the Sky, a quick and free elevator ride to a rooftop that connects uptown to downtown. Located in Breughel L’ancien, you’ll be able to take in the views of the entire city.


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