OslOMG: What to See In Norway’s Capital

“Why did you go to Oslo??”

For some reason, that was a super common question my friend and I got when we booked our trip. The answer? It was a cheap flight to get to Europe and we had other plans for our European adventure.

And guess what? That cheap flight resulted in an incredible time exploring this city not known to us whatsoever.

Here are some highlights and things to check out when you head to Oslo, Norway:

Visit the Viking ship museum


I admit I was on the fence about this little tour, but I have to say it was worth it. I mean, where else can you see authentic Viking ships?! A quick taxi ride landed us at the Viking Museum which houses equipment, ships, and artifacts such as clothing and photos. Spend as much or as little time as you want for only a few dollars.

See all the street art

Oslo is incredibly decked out in some of the most beautiful street art I’ve ever seen – you can’t walk two blocks without seeing a colorful mural. Stop and check out everything you pass by because there is a lot…




Hang out at the Oslo Opera House

This incredible modern building is definitely worth a stop by, if not for the views, then for the fun photo ops. Crisp and white, the geometric Oslo Opera House sits on the water and offers a brand new way to see Oslo’s bustling city center.


Visit Royal Palace


Wanna hang out like a King? Head over to the Royal Palace, a gorgeous 19th century building with a wealth of history. Take a guided tour if you choose or hang out on the land at your leisure. It’s a stunning sight and you can’t miss it.

Make a wish

fb_img_1534283323218-1903631024354558578.jpgOslo has a few famous fountains within the town that make for incredible photos and honestly are just really cool to see. See the beauty above in Youngstorget Square, and possibly the most famous of them all, Peacock Fountain (below), by the National Theater.


Eat and drink, because duh

In a nutshell, Oslo’s food scene is as fresh as it comes with all the meat, cheese, and seafood you can imagine. Check out these recs:

Elias, Mat & Sant


Suuuuper fresh seafood plated to perfection, Elias, Mat & Sant is the absolute cutest restaurant in the heart of the downtown area. Also can we talk about their charcuterie board?! Beautiful.



This nightlife staple is frequented by both tourists and locals and is nestled in the coolest area — more street art and eclectic decor with delicious beer all in one place. Fun fact: “bla” is Norwegian for blue!



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