Chicago: Ice Cream, You Scream! Get Your Best Scoop Now

Summer isn’t over yet, and that means there’s still time to indulge in summer’s sweetest treat – ICE CREAM!

Whether you’re a cone connoisseur or a bowl buff, these places in Chicago have some of the best scoops to satisfy any tastebuds:


img_20180626_061552_0355207835804295586161.jpgThis West Loop hotspot has the cutest patio to enjoy your scoop, plus a party room to really host a fun night out. Such a cool environment comes with the creamiest and smoothest ice cream to boot, in a wide array of flavors with awesome names like “Netflix n’ Chill” and “Naughty Pig.” Mix and match the flavors on your cone and try them all!


20180812_1513176870659487700362834.jpgWonderoll Rolled Ice Cream & Tea

Have you seen those uber-satisfying videos on Instagram of people rolling beautiful ice cream into dishes? It’s mesmerizing and now you can witness (and taste!) it yourself in Watertower Place! Wonderoll has the BEST sundaes that don’t pack a huge caloric punch (yes really). Plus, how cute is the Koala Yummy on top?!


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

img_20180624_204452_309-18486705555562701188.jpgNo ice cream list would be complete without a Jeni’s mention. This adorable ice cream shop creates their own delicious flavors (cherry and goat cheese anyone?) and offers homemade cones as well. Not sure which to try? Get an ice cream flight! Choose three flavors and have yourself a nice little variety – make sure you don’t forget the waffle wedge!



Oooooh Bobtail, how I love thee! This decades-old Chicago staple located in Lakeview offers homemade ice cream made daily and a menu of sundaes to die for (try that s’mores sundae!) that you can’t miss. Sorry for the lack of photo – I got too excited and ate it.

20180823_1058362737364540171313577.jpgScooter’s Frozen Custard

If you’re looking for a ice cream treat to end all ice cream treats, Scooter’s is your spot! Grab yourself a Concrete, which is essentially a half-mixed sundae made with smoothe and creamy frozen custard. Think a DQ Blizzard, only like 10x better (and hey – I love my cookie dough Blizzards!) Your tastebuds will thank you.

Yeah yeah I know this photo isn’t the greatest…but that excitement level is 100.



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