Chicago: BurgerGal’s Best Burgers

I’ve written about my fave burgers in Chicago previously, but it’s time for an update! Let’s be honest…you don’t claim the Insta handle @BurgerGal because you have an affinity for salads.

A great burger and a good burger are like night and day for me, and I’m here to give you my recommendations for the best in Chicago RIGHT NOW.

RPM Steak


Whoa. Bill and Giulianna Rancic are doing something right! This juicy burger comes with an onion bun, fried onion strings, the perfect amount of dijon mustard, and melty cheddar.

Don’t miss out on a perfect pairing with RPM‘s incredible Old Fashioned (whiskey post coming soon!)

Bring a mint or two for after – your breath and your friends will thank you.

Small Cheval


The little sister of the highly touted Au Cheval, Small Cheval packs a very similar punch without the 3 hour wait.

Two thin patties, layers of cheese. and a smooshy, soft buttery bun are all you need to make a great burger and Small Cheval does it right. Grab a chocolate shake as well and you’ve got yourself a night of happiness (and a long gym session the next day!)

Bill’s Bar and Burger


This new kid on the block is fit for big appetites and caters towards those who love a bit of a ‘schtick’ — and theirs is gigantic, creative burgers and milkshakes topped with everything but the kitchen sink.

Bill’s Big Mamooooo Burger is topped with a pile of mac n’ cheese and brisket, while the Windy City Burger is topped with Italian beef and hot giardinera. Don’t forget to save room for their 22oz shake!



A revamp of the bar and some tweaks to their menu happened in 2018 and Benchmark’s burger did NOT disappoint! Simply made with two thin patties, this burger is perfectly seasoned and flavorful thanks to their special sauce and two slices of cheese.

And it comes with waffle fries, so it’s basically the best pairing in the world.

Umami Burger


Not only does Umami Burger have an insanely awesome menu, their happy hour is incredible. Cheap drinks and apps until 6:30 make this a perfect after-work hangout.

But let’s talk about their burgers, shall we? GET. THE. TRUFFLE. BURGER. Juicy, truffle-y, cheesy, and heavenly, this burger is to die for. A close second is the spicy jalapeno burger….it’s worth bringing a friend so you can try them all!

Mott St.


There’s a reason the Mott St. burger keeps popping up on “best of” lists – it’s insanely good. Simple, to-the-point, the Mott Burger features pickled jalapenos, shoestring potatoes, hoisin aioli, cheese, and BUTTER.

I was too excited to dig in so here’s a series of reaction shots.


This completely adorable Lincoln Square hotspot has just one burger on their menu, but that’s really all they need. White cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, and RED PEPPER AIOLI (!!!) on a brioche bun make up what dreams are made of. Pair it with hand cut fries and you’ve got yourself a drool-worthy meal fit for a king.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Gather‘s immense cocktail menu – I highly recommend their Manhattan!


Butcher & the Burger

BYOB takes on a whole new meaning at Butcher & the Burger! Not only is it ACTUALLY BYOB, but you also build your own burger – what could be better?! Choose from a variety of proteins (oh hey there bison burger), seasonings, sauces, toppings, and bun to create the burger of your dreams. Oh, and truffle fries. There are truffle fries ❤

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