Beanies, Buns, and Beards; How 4 Girls Tackled Portland

fb_img_15375395213535921018286545848601.jpgNeed a great girls trip and are looking for a chill but exciting adventure? Head out west to Portland, Oregon!

So why did we pick Portland? If I’m being honest, none of us had been and we found a cheap flight. However, Portland is home of food trucks, beer, and all. the. coffee., so it was the perfect getaway for everyone in our group. And we had an absolute blast.

Here’s how we Kept Portland Weird:

Jump on a Brewcycle

Work for your beer, baby! There is no better way to see Portland and it’s many beautiful and historic bars than by pedaling your way down the street with a dozen of your new best friends. We got a BrewCycle and spent and afternoon hitting up some of Portland’s must-see beer spots and even got to know the city from a brand new view.

Make a Meal Out of Food Trucks


Portland is known for it’s incredible food trucks and I’m here to tell you that the rumors are

all true – they’re amazing! From dumplings to burgers to skewers, the food trucks all over Portland offer something for everyone and will fill you up for your next adventure. I mean, just look at this sammie!

fb_img_15375395659169054472989204992927.jpgHit Up An Escape Room

Test yourself with an escape room experience at Portland Escape Rooms! Work together with your group to work your way through a scenario and escape from the powers that be. Such a fun time! Oh, we totally escaped too 🙂

Beer Me Please

Portland is widely known for their amazing breweries, so grab a flight and drink! Literally. We LOVED Fat Head’s Brewery and spoiled ourselves with some incredible sips. Plus, the flights were really cheap – can’t beat a bunch of booze at a great price!

Eat Everything

Portland’s food scene is to die for. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Tasty n Alder

Fresh, clean, and sharable! This place cannot be missed.


Bottomless mimosas and a drag show? Yes, please!

Voodoo Doughnuts




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