As They Say…I’m Walkin’ In Memphis

fb_img_1537537320377460836691038334122.jpg“Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale…”

Ahhh Memphis…my new favorite not-so-hidden gem in the middle of the country! If you’re planning the proverbial trip to Nashville, I HIGHLY recommend making a pitstop in this adorable, historic, beautiful haven for all things music and barbecue.

My friend and I jetted down to Memphis for a Foo Fighters concert (which, if you haven’t seen them live, you absolutely should!) and explored Memphis until we couldn’t eat anymore barbecue.

Take a look at my top tips for visiting Memphis:

Walk Beale…a LOT

Sure, Beale Street might be on the touristy side, but it is the BEST place for people watching and soaking in some sweet southern culture and a lot of fun. Beale is blocked off so that you can wander – with a beer in hand! – and pop in and out of bars and restaurants to hear some amazing live music. The best part? It doesn’t matter what time you go, since it always seems to be poppin’. Early evening was the most fun for us!

fb_img_15375373255377279177963331279988-e1537537938412.jpgCheck Out Some Bands

Like you might expect, live music rules this city. Any night of the week you can find an awesome live band at any bar on or off Beale. We spend a lot of time at Tin Roof, a multi-room bar with different vibes in each – quite literally something for everyone!


Eat All the Barbecue

fb_img_15375373418723190179990025708058.jpgWhen in Rome, amirite?

We ate so much barbecue in Memphis…so much. And it was amazing. But you know what I forgot to do? Take photos of it!

fb_img_15375373152302088667090838183533.jpgWe hit up Blues City Cafe right away and spoiled ourselves rotten with the most decadent, fall-off-the-bone ribs I’ve ever eaten. And how can you pass up a barbecue place called The Pig on Beale? You can’t, so we didn’t. In addition to super filling barbecue sandwiches, we got the cheese and sausage plate (something we’d seen on EVERY menu in Memphis) and it was actually really good. I mean who doesn’t love a plate o’ cheese?!

See the Duck March

Wait, what? Yep, I’m serious. At Memphis’ beautiful Peabody Hotel, they have a Duck March, a tradition that began in the 1930’s. Everyday, at 11am and 5pm, a red carpet is rolled out for the Peabody Ducks to strut their stuff right into a fountain. It’s hard to explain, but it’s adorable and you should check it out.

I mean look at those little guys!!

See the Foo Fighters

Obviously you can see them anywhere, but I really just wanted to post a few photos of the Foo Fighters show 🙂 #SorryNotSorry


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