One Day In NYC. Yes, Really. One Day.

A round trip to New York City where you don’t have to pack a bag? Yes, please!

It was my friend’s birthday and a couple of us decided to surprise her with a shopping and eating day in her favorite city. Flights on Southwest were dirt cheap (and we had a ton of points saved!) so we booked the super early bird flight at 6am, and came back on the 8pm flight.

So, what did we cram into a 12 hour tour of NYC? Lemme tell ya….

Times Square


Duh. We did it for the ‘gram. And to take advantage of zero sales tax at stores we love. Shopping in Times Square was an adventure in and of itself, as we were able to hit some great sales with the backdrop of lights and sounds only heard in The Big Apple. Sure it’s a tourist mecca, but that’s what we were there for and we soaked in the sights and sounds of bigger-than-Chicago city life.

Walk. Then Walk Some More.

fb_img_15388347983597727742558094463494.jpgFall off the beaten path of Times Square and get lost in some of New York City’s most beautiful neighborhoods like SoHo, Chelsea, and the Upper East Side. You’ll see some amazing street art, people watch, and historic monuments and buildings as you stroll.

Eat. Everything.

While we were only there for a couple meals, we took full advantage of some of the heartiest of tastes throughout the city.


fb_img_15388348015258259003924897405138.jpgOur birthday girl is a massive fan of Sex and the City, so naturally we had to hit up at least one spot where Carrie and the gang frequented for their brunches and gossip. Cafeteria is located in Chelsea, and it’s an adorable place with bright sunlight and awesome ambiance. Better yet, it’s home to a macaroni and cheese flight. Need I say more?



fb_img_15388348130957782238924536151117.jpgThe Smith

A gigantic brunch was the perfect way to start off our day, and The Smith in Midtown did not disappoint. Omelettes, waffles, and specialty cocktails were (overly) abundant but it definitely set the tone for the day ahead. I highly recommend the Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em, a mezcal-based cocktail with a smoky-spice flavor with a bit of a citrus kick. I know, I know, this is hardly a beautiful food picture, but LOOK AT THAT COOKIE!! Everything, including this cookie, was to die for and it would be a mistake to miss The Smith.

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