Who Knew? Dinner is Cheaper When You Don’t Order Cocktails. Chicago’s Best for BYOB!


As many of us know, going out to eat can really have an impact on the ol’ bank account – primarily because of the high price of cocktails! While they may be

delicious, they get super pricey.

Looking to save a little green while still enjoying the fantastic food Chicago offers? Give your credit card a break with a great dinner at one of Chicago’s best BYOB restaurants.



Butcher and the Burger

OK OK OK I know that I just talked about Butcher and the Burger on my most recent burger post, but it’s worth mentioning once again. I’m not even a little bit sorry — it’s THAT good. Customize your burger with your favorite toppings, cheese, and spices and don’t forget to grab yourself a side of truffle fries!

Angry Crab


Do you dig seafood? What about writing on walls? Look no further than Angry Crab, a Cajun seafood mecca where you can order pounds of shrimp, crab, crawfish, and more at any flavor or spice level you desire. This is by far one of my favorite spots to taste some authentic Cajun flavors and indulge in decadent seafood. Get your hands dirty and finish off by signing their wall.



If you’re like me, you’re always in need of a great burger. Head over to Whisk, a Ukranian Village hotspot specializing in, yes, burgers and brunch. The quirky, Ron Swanson-themed restaurant boasts an UHHH-MAZING chorizo burger with a good kick, and some pretty epic desserts – I recommend the deep fried Oreos 🙂




I was trying to keep sushi joints off this list because, well, sushi typically comes with a BYOB perk. However, Coast is SPECIAL. Between the delish and affordable sushi (the Sunrise and Firecracker rolls are bomb) you’ll love the diverse options on Coasts menu. If you don’t order the flourless chocolate cake, you’re making a massive mistake.

Las Tablas


Want a pile o’ meat? Sure ya do! Grab a friend and head to Las Tablas for some Colombian goodness in the form of a literal platter of steak, ribs, chicken, pork, chorizo, and potatoes and have yourself the time of your life. I’ve definitely over ordered before, but leftovers from Las Tablas are pretty darn solid too and you cannot go wrong with anything on their menu.

90 Miles

If you’ve read this blog in the last few months, you know I’m obsessed with Cuba – especially when it comes to the FOOD. Cuban food is my jam, and 90 Miles is as authentic as it comes. I ate my food way too fast and forgot to take a pic…but hey, that just means that it was a pretty incredible meal, amirite?

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