Ask and You Shall Receive! The Top 5 Apps for Finding the BEST Flight Deals

20181013_041903968513622884062295.jpgI’ve touched on my secrets to finding some epic flight deals but it’s still a question I get often: How do you find great deals?

I’m a HUGE fan of saving money (who isn’t?) so it comes as no surprise that I’m obsessed with finding the cheapest flights and accommodations possible. To do that, I rely on a plethora of websites to guide me through price trends for destinations on my radar. Oh–and I never choose what my destination is going to be until I see where it’s cheapest to go. That’s right; I literally let the Internet tell me where I’m going next!

Here is my breakdown of websites and apps that I use to get the biggest bang for my buck when I book a flight.


Find the best deal all over the world with Skyscanner. Just enter your departure airport, hit the “Everywhere” button, and find the best deals domestically and internationally anywhere, anytime. Looking for a specific time frame? Narrow down your search with specific dates (or a specific month) and click around to see which affords the best deal. Not finding exactly what you’re looking for? Sign up for alerts when prices are about to drop!



If you know where you’d like to go, Hopper is a great resource for tracking flight prices. Once you type  in your departing airport and destination, you’ll be able to view a full calendar with the lowest to highest prices, as well as add your search to a Watchlist where you’ll be notified when prices are about to change. I find this app super helpful when I’ve already planned some of my trip and am looking to add another short leg onto it.


Kayak Explore

Kayak Explore might be my absolute favorite way to search for flights. Their at-a-glance search feature lets you compare flights from your home airport at any time of year and price point. Filter your way down to budget, dates/seasons, number of layovers, and even by flight time. Set alerts when prices fluctuate, too!


Google Flights


One of the first steps I take when looking for a flight is simply typing “Chicago to _____” into Google. Seems like a no-brainer, but did you know that Google has a Flights feature? Get a fully comprehensive list of flights for your dates and destination with tips for getting the best deal. With their price graph, dates, and calendar features, you’ll be able to figure out if your trip can be done more cheaply by leaving on a different day or time. I’ve saved a bundle just by using this simple tool!



Get the cheapest flight and hotel deals anywhere on Skiplagged, where you can filter your search down to everything from local currency to flight time. Choose your dates and destination (or the ‘anywhere’ button) and see what you can find – Skiplagged offers hidden-city tickets so you literally will not be able to find some of these deals anywhere else!


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