Did Someone Say Sushi? Where To Get the Best Sushi in Chicago

20180914_1854416297923449266916626.jpgFishing for some amazing sushi around Chicago? Ha–see what I did there? 🙂

Anyway, fear not, when it comes to sushi around the city, I’ve got you covered.

From BYOB to fancy, Chicago is chock-full of amazing sushi spots to satisfy any taste and any budget.


20180907_2014027587851949174410699.jpgDo you want to know what heaven tastes like? Look no further than Naoki, a Lincoln Park hotspot for sushi and sake goodness. From rolls to sashimi, and even fried chicken (what?!) Naoki is the stuff dreams are made of. Not well-versed in sake? No worries – the servers and staff make are super knowledgeable and are well-equipped to make recommendations based on your tastes.


screenshot_20181008-102124_instagram-15397886298019498862.jpgSushi Taku

Who doesn’t love a great BYOB sushi spot? The problem though is that the sushi is typically mediocre. Not so with Sushi Taku! Sushi Taku is far and away the best sushi I’ve had at a BYOB restaurant. Oh, and there are boats…with lots and lots of rolls.


screenshot_20181019-145848_instagram3394013998162915967.jpgOh Seadog, how I love thee. Yet another BYOB restaurant, Seadog is a Wicker Park gem with some of the cutest and most creative rolls you’ll ever see. The ambiance is adorable and perfect for any occasion and the prices are super affordable. Super bonus – if you’re a fan of spicy food like me, you’ll love the section of the menu aptly called “Spicy”! That jalapeno miso tho…




OK so not TOTALLY a sushi spot (they have a pretty great sushi section of the menu though) but worth a mention. Hit up Sushi-San when you’re dining with a group whose palettes run the gamut! From beef, to chicken, to sushi dishes, Sushi-San is a fantastic spot for delicious food and an awesome vibe. Save room for emochis too!

screenshot_20181008-102230_instagram-13645937175842465352.jpgUni Sushi

Need some fantastic sushi on a budget? Uni Sushi is your jam! Super fresh fish combined with delicious flavors and creatively prepared make up the Uni menu. Don’t miss the Fire Signature Maki and the Hawks Signature Maki!



screenshot_20181008-102641_instagram-26928592241054650662.jpgOne of my faves for BYOB, Coast never disappoints. What’s most amazing about Coast is that everything from their appetizers to their desserts are worth mentioning, particularly the Sesame Crusted Scallop, Angry Salmon, and their chocolate cake dessert….whoa. You can’t go wrong with Coast whether you’re a small or large group!



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